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The platform for
deployment and optimisation
of IoT Poles.


Unlimited possibilities

I.CORE™ Technology is an intelligent and innovative design concept that provides all the solutions to challenges faced by traditional pole design. 

With I.CORE™, pole manufacturers can now develop their own unique IoTPoles to meet the requirements of any urban development and smart city projects. 

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IoT engineered from the ground up.


Power to the Core.

I.CORE™ is the backbone of the IoTPole. The concept expands into the idea of modular smart panels and dedicated access, whereby different functional control panels compartments and wiring passageways can be further segregated for their individual needs. 

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Non-electronic interference
Dedicated access and private space for various government departments and individual wiring passageways for ease of maintenance.

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Real estate asset management  
& provisioning
Dedicated allocation of various devices and control boxes within the Smart Compartments & Smart Panels.

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Flexible add-ons & exterior design
The new IoTPole design allows for countless possibilities for renewal and refurbishments. Multiple materials can also be incorporated.


The future of the IoT Pole
is now.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Worldwide opportunities 

We welcome all parties and stakeholders - manufacturers, distributors, investors, technology developers, system integrators and government agencies - to build an engaging and collaboration. 

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