I.Core FAQ

What is I.CORE™?

I.CORE™ is an innovative and transformational urban pole design concept that provides limitless possibilities for IoT deployment and optimization. The future smart cities are now centralized upon the innovation and applications of IoT devices to give impact and provide improvements on business, societies, economies, cultures, and personal lives. AI and connectivity is the new trend for the future world, and I.CORE™ is the right infrastructure and solution to complement these growing market demand.

With I.CORE™, smart cities will enter into the new era of IoTPOLES, where the future urban and street poles will become a sustainable and integrated platform for multi-purpose applications, including IoT devices.

What makes I.CORE™

I.CORE™ incorporates an inner core into the future IoTPOLE. The inner core acts as the backbone support for the pole structure. This inner core provides unlimited possibilities for future inventions and innovations in the area of technology, IT, communications, services, and many more.

What are the key features?

1.     Inner Core

With an inner core, the structural strength is no longer dependent on the external structure of the pole. This gives plenty of opportunities to create new functionalities and to manipulate the external case of the poles.

2.     Smart Compartment

A maximum of four (4) large compartments can be customized according to urban’s requirements. These compartments function as real estate assets for different government agencies, public departments, and even private institutions, e.g. fire & safety department, police department, telecommunication enterprises, environment and parks department, transportation department, and many more.

3.     Smart Panel

Four Smart Panels complement the Smart Compartments, giving possibilities for dedicated and private access into these compartments. Alternatively, the panels may be customized to suit various public purposes, e.g. power outlet panel, smart pay panel, etc.

4.     IoT Compartment

With zero compromise to the structural strength of the pole, different materials can be used for the external structure and panels. As such, we may now have an exclusive compartment for IoT devices, where polymeric materials can be used to house any smart sensors, monitoring, communication, and transmission devices.

5.     Separate IT & Electrical Passageways

With an inner core, IT and electrical cables can have their own dedicated passageways running through the pole. This gives additional benefits, such as non-electromagnetic interference, ease of installation and maintenance.

6.     Smart Access

The IT and electrical passageways can be maintained through the Smart Access Panels. As such wiring and rewiring is no longer a hassle for contractors. Future installations, maintenance, and modifications are no longer an impossible task.

7.     Modular Installations & Add-Ons

With I.CORE™, IoTPOLE no longer comes in a single unit. Every part of the future IoTPOLE comes in modular and easily interchangeable components.

8.     Flexible Exterior Modifications

Due to its modularity, the future IoTPOLE is future-proof. Dependent upon what the smart municipalities need, the IoTPOLE can be retrofitted and modified to suit the new requirements, either internally or externally.

With I.CORE™ and IoTPOLE, the vision of any smart cities will come into reality. This is the platform where data, people, technology, and intelligence are connected together to serve a sustainable and more convenient living environment for everyone.

IoT devices are an integral part in the modern world where intelligence and convenience are the necessary components to progress into a better future.

What are the benefits?

1. Smart Street Lighting

2. Sensors & Data Collection

3. Security & Monitoring

4. Radar & GPS

5. Sustainable Power Management

6. Wireless & Connectivity

7. Traffic & Transportation Management

8. Weather & Climate Monitoring

9. Logistics & Delivery

10. Artificial Intelligence

11. Emergency System

12. Consumer Interaction System

13. Advertising Space

14. And many more…

What can I.CORE™ be used for?

As of today, there are currently about 315 million street poles in the world, with an estimated annual growth rate of 15% year-on-year. Smart cities, especially in Northern America, Europe, Middle East, Greater Asia, and Australia, are taking the lead in the implementation of IoT devices and smart poles within their smart municipalities and urban planning developments.

According to research, by 2025, there will be 35 mega cities globally, 77% of which will be from developing countries, like China and India. Cities, and not countries will be the future wealth and economic creators.


How big is the market for I.CORE™ & IoTPole?